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About Us

Pollos Asados los Norteños


Pollos Asados Los Norteños started back in 2006 as a fundraiser for a new church in the Mexican town of Nueva Rosita, Coahuila. The whole family got involved, sons and daughter, brothers, sisters-in-law and cousins.

We started as a food truck on Rigsby Avenue and thanks to our core family values, our traditional family recipe, and the help of our community today, we have two dine in restaurants ready to serve the whole community.

Our Chicken

Grilled on the spot with fresh ingredients, and marinated on the same day, our chicken is of the best quality and taste. Using our traditional family recipe passed down from generation to generation with that authentic mexican flavor many have come to love.

We have a passion for our culinary heritage that sets us apart, and we strive to make it available for all to enjoy as much as we do. To some or many, the flavor will remind them of home.


From day one, our mission has always been to be a benefit to our community. We work hard to make our customers and employees feel appreciated and respected. Our service is fast and friendly. We’ve learned that if in our day-to-day we show love in what we do, results are bound to be positive; so much so, that we didn’t notice when we climbed up the TripAdvisor popularity ranking. 

At Pollos Asados Los Norteños Everyone is Welcome!